2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival

2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival 2015

Top 10 Things To Do and See

This year the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival be held at the rustic and charming, history filled William S. Hart Park in Downtown Newhall. The Western Walk of Fame pave the main street that is filled with great cuisine and a unique shopping experience.

Lately I have heard a few folks voicing disappointment over the fact that the venue has changed this year for the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, yes, change is hard, but get over it! Hart Park has so many interesting and exciting things to see and do, I know this is truly going to be the right place for this year’s festival. Change is good; it keeps us on our toes! Check out this post from August, when I attended Silents Under The Stars 2014 at Hart Park it will give you more information on who William S. Hart was and his amazing home.

Since most folks are new to this year’s venue, I thought I would give my 10 cent opinion and offer my top 10 ten things to do at the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. There are lots of things to do and see, added bonuses that only Hart Park can bring. Saddle up and hold on to your hats, here’s my list of things you don’t want to miss out on at the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival

Ok here goes, they are not in any particular order.

  1. First of all, buy yourself a cool new cowgirl/cowboy hat. Last year I did, I dropped a chunk of change, but I was celebrating a birthday and my dear friend Rachel talked me into it. Let me tell you, I have never seen a hat like it, I get tons of compliments, it is comfortable and it has become my trademark hat. Check it out, ain’t she cute! Besides, you need something to keep the sun off ya, grab a hat and go have some fun. Get a long now.2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival Shopping
  2. Wednesday night I will be kicking off the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy festival with the SCVTV presents Out West Concert series, featuring Kristyn Harris and Jim Jones, for more information and to purchase tickets, click HERE. They are the Western Music Association Male and Female performers of 2014; you don’t want to miss this show. Look for me in my hat and say hi.
  3. Eat peach cobbler, put this first on your list, right when you get to the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, head over to the Peach Cobbler stand and grab your self some warm, melt in your mouth cobbler and top if off with some cowboy coffee. Yummy, yum yum! I dream all year of this cobbler, it’s that good and I heard all food at the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival is low cal. And if you believe that…peach Cobbler SCV
     Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival Cowboy Coffee
  4. Hart Park has so many fascinating things to see all on its own, I recommend that you take a short hike up the hill to see the Hart Mansion; it is filled with paintings by Russell, Remington and Flagg and also has fabulous Native American art work and craft. I could spend days in this place. You will be lead on a tour, DON’T miss this! Check out my previous post to see more of the Hart Mansion, Silents Under The Stars 2014
  5. If you love saddles, old silent films, and a really cool old poker table, stop by The Bunk House, it is near the main entrance of the park, and here you will have a chance to peruse some really cool old west artifacts. The saddle collection belonged to Mr. Hart; every time I go to the Bunk House I am fascinated by the old saddles and would love to take them out for a spin.

    Bunk House

    Bunk House

  6. When you head East in the park you will be taken back in time to a place where all old things of Santa Clarita stay alive and well thanks to the SCV Historical Society and the local Quester organizations. Heritage JunctionSanta Clarita Valley Historical Society is home to several treasures, including the Saugus train depot, the Pardee House (this is where the Buck A Roo Bookstore will be this year) and a Mogul Engine Locomotive that was built in 1900 and was owned by none other than Gene Autry.
    Mogul Engine Locomotive

    Mogul Engine Locomotive

    I also understand this is where the beer garden will be, you might need to have a cold one for this ride. Giddy up!

  7. The Quester Court is part of Heritage Junction which is home to the Edison house, the Kingsbury House, Ramona Chapel
    Ramona Chapel SCV Historical Society

    Ramona Chapel

    and the Little Red School House.

    Little Red School House Heritage Junction

    Little Red 1 Room School House

    If you are near the Edison house on Sunday morning, please stop by and say hello, I will be giving tours of this great old home, just don’t ask too many questions, it is my first time doing this but I am so honored to be helping out and giving back.

  8. The Farm Yard at Hart Park, growing up before my family relocated to the Santa Clarita Valley, my father would take me to Hart Park, I could hardly wait to see the barn yard animals, they range from a cow to pigs, horses, wild boar and lots of feathered farm yard creatures. Kids love the barn and it is so well kept up, I could only dream of having such a clean barn.
  9. Do you like interesting gifts, books and jewelry, then you don’t want to miss the Trading Post in Hart Park,
    Trading Post Hart Park

    Trading Post William S. Hart Park

    there will be lots of vendors at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival but the proceeds from the Trading Post help keep the park running in tip top shape. I have purchases several old books and some fantastic jewelry at the Trading Post, head on over; it is run by volunteers and is such a treat.

  10. Once you are done with the park make your way through downtown Newhall, home of the Western Walk of Fame and a number of great restaurants and shops. My favorite shop is Out West Boutique and Cultural Center.  Owners Jim & Bobbi Jean Bell have a terrific western themed shop, their shop offers everything from the coolest cowboy/cowgirl clothing, to books, boots, jewelry and so much more. Love, love love this shop!

Well that wraps up my top 10 things to do at the 2015 Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival; I hope to see you there. Have fun, be safe and see you next time, until then, happy trails! Thanks for riding along today. Please leave a comment, would love to hear from you! Giddy Up!

If you read this entire post, thank you, I know it was long and for doing so I am going to share one last thing to see at Hart Park. Don’t miss out on the Bison!

Bison Hart Park


The original herd was donated to Mr. Hart by Walt Disney in 1947. You can spot them on the side of the trail going to the mansion. I told you, so much to see and do, have fun!





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    This is gonna be good!! What a great time for families and western enthusiants

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