Dinner With William S. Hart

If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would they be and why. They could be from your past, present or future, they could be someone you have never met.

A few years ago, someone asked me this question, “If you could have dinner with three people, from your past, present or future who would it be and why?” It could be someone you never met or someone near and dear to you. First off, for me, I would love to dine with my mom and dad; I have so many questions for them.  Next on my list, hands down I’d pick William S. Hart, aka Bill Hart and not because of his devilish good looks, (wink, wink), not because he was a famous silent movie star but because he had some really interesting friends and rode a really cool pinto pony named Fritz. Who knows, maybe Bill would ride up to our dinner on Fritz and invite some of his friends along for dinner in his beautiful dining room. If his friends were not present I could sure fire off some questions, about him, his incredible life and his mix of interesting friends from all walks of life. For more information on William S. Hart see my August post, Silents under the Stars

Who Would William S. Hart bring to dinner?

I don’t like to name drop but I think it only fitting in this case. Bill Hart loved the west. His friends, an eclectic bunch, ranged from cowboy, humorist Will Rogers, lawman Wyatt Earp, brave and daring Amelia Earhardt and old west artist Charles Russell just to name a few. What a dinner party that would be. How entertaining and lively I can only imagine.


Bill Hart’s home is filled with many gifted treasures from his amazing friends and life; let me show a few from photos from the previous tours I have been on in the past. The last tour I went on was in December commemorating what would have been Bill’s 150th birthday. His entire home was handsomely decorated for the holiday season; sparkling lights were everywhere as we walked by candlelight through his home.

Bill Hart's 150th Birthday Celebration

This was Mr. Hart’s living room, rustic and tastefully decorated just as it was when he lived here. Do you see the massive Kodiak Bear Rug in the right side of this picture? How can you miss it right? Well this little cutie was donated by Will Rogers; I was told on a recent tour that neither of these gentlemen liked hunting. Will did not kill the bear; he just gifted it to Bill. Looks fabulous doesn’t it?


Next take a look at this tattered and worn little flag, guess who carried this when she flew across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, yep Amelia Earhardt; they too had a great friendship.

Gift to William S. Hart








Next to the flag is a picture of them together at the ranch. I have heard they were good friends but had no romantic interest. Sorry for the terrible picture, I need to get back to the house and get a better one!

Amelia Earhart and William S. Hart

Amelia Earhart and William S. Hart

In my eyes, she is simply adorable.


Another friend of Bill Hart was the famous western artist Charles Russell.  Bill would travel to Montana to visit his friend.

William S. Hart Charles Russell

Here is a simple water color that was done for Bill by Charlie Russell. The written message is very dear and heartfelt. I can only imagine their conversations. Interestingly, Mr. Russell suffered from dysgraphia, is a type of learning disability that affects your ability to write. I would guess this is what made him such a phenomenal western artist. One door closes another opens I suppose.


Lastly and but not least, Bill had another dear friend, the 4 legged kind, his name was Fritz. An adorable Pinto Pony with an eye of mischief. That’s ok, just means he was real smart. Look at him, can’t you see it. Again sorry for the poor photo quality, the original is a gem!William S. Hart and Fritz


I bet he could get out of a corral like Houdini and raid a feed room like no bodies business.

Fritz was Bill’s stunt pony and side kick; I have been told that Fritz would get more fan mail than Mr. Hart. Pretty amazing, especially since there was only snail mail back then.  William S Hart and Fritz painted by Montgomery Flagg

Fritz was a darn smart horse and even wrote his own book, titled, Told Under a White Oak Tree.   I like that in a horse, smart horses are good horses.  My Jake is a smart and good horse, he would have gotten along well with Fritz, I would bet on it.

I am actually fortunate to own a signed copy of this rare little book and it was signed by Fritz.  Pretty good for a horse. The book was written in 1922

So you see, if I had dinner with Mr. Hart, it would be like getting an added bonus his colorful life and eclectic friends would bring so much more to the table. Don’t cha think?

Your turn, if you could have dinner with 3 people, past, present or future, who would they be and why? Drop me a comment please, we love hearing from you and reply to all posted comments

This might be an impossible dream, but it never hurts to dream. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from a remarkable lady, Eleanor Roosevelt “ The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams”

Until Next Time, Happy Trails


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