Dubois Diner

Well we made it out of the campsite with out a scratch! We were on the road again at 5 am! What the H@#& was Boss Man thinking! Our destination today, Idaho and Montana!

After about 3 or 400 more hours of driving Boss Man decided it was time to eat, we pulled into a little place called Dubois Diner, it didn’t look like much on the outside but man I just fell in LOVE with the inside… and the food!!! It was so good, I mean ‘ol fashioned home cooked goodness. Can ya smell the bacon and taste the coffee!
Dubois Diner

Let’s take a look inside!


Right off the bat, if you walk into a joint and they have a sign that says “Eat, Sleep, Ride” you know you are in the right place!

Surrounding the entire place was one of a kind real brands, they were also branded into the counter top20160620_075442Brands in Dubois Diner



When we walked in the place was hopping with customers but luckily it cleared out a bit so I could get a few pics

They have so much cool cowboy memorabilia and the icing on the cake, the TV was playing True Grit, who doesn’t love to watch a little western while your eating your grub?

Dubois Diner

On the way to the rest room, I spotted this, my kid couldn’t believe that a restaurant would have a phone for it’s customers, man I felt old.

Dubois Diner

The food was so yummy, I had the special of the day, farm fresh eggs mixed with grilled veggies, nicely toasted sour dough bread, yummy hashbrowns and the best dang cowboy coffee!

Breakfast Dubois Diner

While we waited for breakfast they had some funny books on the table, naturally I had to pick up this one and take it home. I will share more of this book later.


Breakfast was great, service outstanding and yes I would come back again! If you are ever in Dubois Idaho, swing by and have some good home cooked food at the Dubois Diner, you will be glad you did. This place rocks!

That’s it for today, not sure what I am gonna write about next, it will either be more on Montana or I will introduce you to my new horse. You’ll just have to come back and see!

Thanks for riding along today, until next time, happy healthy trails!

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