Guess What I Found Junkin

Guess What I Found Junkin’ Today?

My dear friend LK told me about this super cool place in our area called The Barn, and every so often the ladies that host The Barn, open their doors to lots and lots and lots of cool treasures. My kind of hang out! I love Junk!

1966 Kenskill Trailer Redo

She’s Junk

Well I don’t really need anymore treasures or junk, I have a pretty good collection already and Boss Man has reminded me that I have a vintage trailer, Tin Can Allie aka TAC that is going to suck up all my hard earned money but my curiosity got the better of me and  was in the neighborhood, well sort of.

LK Gave Me the Location

When LK gave me the directions, it felt like I had been there before, but couldn’t figure out why. Oh well, off I went.

When I pulled up to The Barn, I quickly realized, I had been there many, many years before. In fact the last time I was there, for for a small girls get together after graduating from high school, and I won’t scare you with that number.

Some Of The Best Treasures Are Free

So I headed on in ti The Barn and met one of the darling ladies of The Barn and guess what? I went to high school with her daughter but we had lost contact with each other shortly after high school.  I explained who I was and was so excited to hear about my long lost friend  and her super cool life after high school. I was able to exchange contact information and I am in the process of emailing her now, I am so excited to get to chat with my friend.

You never know what treasures you will find when you are out junkin’, sometimes the best ones are priceless. This certainly was a good day, I didn’t get to purchase anything, as I remember Boss Man’s reminder about TAC, but I did get something far better.

Have you ever had an unexpected treasure when you were out junkin and treasure hunting? Share your story we would love to hear it.

Until next time, Happy, Healthy Trails



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