The Day I Found Roy & Dale

The Day I Found Roy & Dale

Welcome back Partners! Glad to have you along for the ride. Out at the ranch we love the old west and we are always looking for something to remind us of that. We love findin’ western treasures, it is part of what we do, let me tell you about my latest find and just at the perfect time…

So I am out doin’ a little Saturday Mornin’ Junkin’ and guess what I stumble onto? A life size, larger than life, cut out of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans! Yep, that’s right, how cool is that? The gal at the junk sale could tell I was REAL excited and she GAVE them to me. Yep, just like that, FREE! So off I went, Dale in one arm and Roy in the other. I was so pleased with my find especially since Tuesday November 5 is Roy’s birthday, that just made my find all the more special.

Roy n DaleSee aren’t they cute! 

I had not planned on writing about Roy until tomorrow but I just had to share my find with you, can you tell I am SO excited! Tomorrow is Roy’s Birthday, he was born November 5, 1911, so he would be 102 years old tomorrow. In honor of his birthday we are gonna make some “Roy Rogers” and toast the “King of the Cowboys”

Thanks for ridin’ along today, until next time happy trails

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