How To Make a Scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow

Have you ever wondered how to make a scarecrow? It is so easy and fun! Every fall, even before I had my kid, I would make a scarecrow to set out at my front gate. I just love making scarecrows, they are just so Fall! So Fallalicious!!

This last weekend, my little gals from my Farm Girl group built and created a scarecrow. They actually entered it in a contest at the local pumpkin patch. All the little gals have been enjoying the scarecrows at the local pumpkin patch since before they were able to walk; so this year they decided it was time to make a scarecrow and enter the contest.


You will need the following materials to make a scarecrow


A fashionable scarecrow ensemble, we picked out ours at the local Salvation Army.

She got jeans, shirt and hat. We also had an old chewed up pair of gloves and a worn out old pair of rain boots for a fashionable scarecrow ensemble.

Wood for frame, we had some old wood sticks laying around, tied them together in a cross.

Material for head, in the past I have used muslin or burlap, but I found a nice print at Beverly’s crafts that resembled burlap, it was much cheaper than burlap and looks just as good.

It doesn't have to be's a scarecrow!

It doesn’t have to be perfect…it’s a scarecrow!

Buttons, felt and pipe cleaners work well for the eyes, lips and nose. You can use any notions that you have stashed away in your craft room.

Good pair of scissors, to cut material and a hot glue gun will be needed. Garden twine  is escential.

Plastic bags or old news paper to use for stuffing the head and body.

A nice cup of hot tea to help you relax and get into the mood.


What you need to do to make a scarecrow

First make your head, cut out a large, round piece of material, stuff it with newspaper or plastic bags and tie it to the top of the cross. Next add facial features such as eyes, nose mouth. We added eye lashes to our farm gal. We decorated a simple straw hat and braded raffia for her hair. We hot glued her hair in place


Next work on the body, stuff the body with paper or plastic and tie on gloves for hands or leave straw hanging out for a cute effect. Place the stuffed body on the stick.20140927_140444


We added an apron to our gal, since our farm girl group loves aprons. We put to foam hearts on the apron and wrote “Certified Farm Girl” and “I love pigs”



We wanted to stand out a little so we decided to paint an old plastic pretzel barrel pink and make a piggy face. We have a pot bellied pig that all the kids just love so naturally they wanted to include a pig in our farm girl theme.20140927_145554


To make a scarecrow is easy and fun

Having fun with your children making a scarecrow is sure to make some lasting memories.

Making memories

Making memories








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  1. Annie James

    Girl! This is so darn cute!! Miss you can hardly wait to see you. I need me one of these!!

  2. It looks so awesome, Lisa! We love scarecrows and bought one a few years ago – it’s a boy but we can change it in a girl with your awesome apron idea, haha!
    Should check out where it is and put it in front of the house, it’s the perfect time for it!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Delia! This sure was a fun project, get yours out and have some fall fun! We didn’t win at the contest but we sure won having fun! Aprons are so easy too, just material and hot glue gun and string….happy fall! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So cute! Looks like a fun project for my daughter & I to do this week.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Sue and Welcome to My Western Heart! Yes a very fun project for kids, send a picture of your finished project, would love to see your scare crow! Please come back again

  4. Mary Ann

    I love, love, love this! I am retired And I did this stuff with my kids. Now I’m going to do it cuz its fun! I enjoy it!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Mary Ann I am so glad you are inspired by this post! Would love to see your finished scarecrow, please show us!!! I will post a picture!! Thanks a million for commenting!! XX

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