What To Do With An Old Pair of Jeans 2

What To Do With An Old Pair of Jeans 2

What To Do With An Old Pair Of Jeans Part 2

The old pair of jeans arrived in beautiful Michigan after their quick trip across country courtesy of USPS Priority Mail.

Of course after their long trip they were tired and even more worn out. They decided they needed a rest and wanted to hang out for a few days and take in the sights of beautiful Michigan. After their much deserved rest the fabulous and creative Mary Ann Nietz of Mercantile Lane got down to business and this is what she did.

Taaa Daaaa!

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Aren’t they adorable! These are the cutest things ever and my little gal and I now have matching OOAK(one of a kind) mommy daughter skirts, Please! We are in heaven. To say we LOVE these one of a kind, beautiful, unique skirts is an understatement. They are truly pieces of ar, treasures and will be a part of our family forever.

Look at all the work that went into these. Let me give you a little tour.

The Legs Were Cut Off The Old Pair of Jeans

First of all, the legs were cut off. Mary Ann is so brave, far braver than I.

What to do with old jeans


Next she had to fix a few things so the jeans would lay flat, she added a little piece of material to help with that.

What to do with an old pair of jeans zig zag



She then gathered the material for the skirt, which she does by hand. Some may wish to use their machine.
About 1/4″ from the topWhat to do with an old pair of jeans Gather













Mary Ann was ready to sew.She attached the gathered fabric to the jeans.

What to do with an old pair of jeans skirt

Next she created the most cleaver pocket

What to do with an old pair of jeans make pocket


And attached it when finished

What to do with an old pair of jeans pocket


She also gathered the skirts from the hem, added some vintage lace, pretty ribbons and a handmade rosette.

Mary Ann is so cleaver and creative.

I can not tell you the joy that my little gal and I had when the box arrived with our skirts. We had a school function and promptly wore them to the function. We got so many compliments and I handed out so many cards. If you would like a OOAK skirt that has been lovingly made by Mary Ann, visit her Etsy store Mercantile Lane.

These days it is not easy to find quality work let alone one of a kind anything! Besides that who has time, certainly not me but I guarantee that Mary Ann does and she will treat you right. She has great customer service skills, answered my questions quickly, she is a real gem to do business with.   Not only this product gets 5 stars from me, so does the service. So head on over to Mercantile Lane, take a look you won’t be disappointed. So what did the traveling jeans have to say about this. They were glad to be home and so pleased to get to hang out with my and the little gal and have more adventures. New, fun girly adventures. I even think I saw them smiling.

All photos courtesy of Mary Ann Nietz photography and yes she is a talented photographer too!

Until Next Time Happy Trails!




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  1. Debbie

    Can’t wait to see you girls in your fancy skirts… They are so you!! Mary Ann is amazing.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Deb for stopping by! We just love the skirts and yes Mary Ann is amazing, so much talent! Reasonable too!

    • Thank you! Not that amazing but so much fun to do! Let me know if you need work done! Send me your old jeans girl.. Lets work it out!

      • Lisa J. Hoover

        You got them! Have fun!! So exciting, and we want more pictures please

  2. Rachel


  3. Hi this is Mary Ann from MercantileLane on Etsy.com.Check out my work, but I call it fun! Email me at pickystuff@yahoo.com and let me know you are sending me your jeans that need a new life with a fun skirt attatched with ribbons and lace! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Mary Ann is a gem! She is highly recommended by My Western Heart. Great work and so reasonable

  4. Super adorable idea!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Mary Ann is so talented. She just did another one ..I can hardly wait to share it!

  5. AMAZING! The very moment I saw them I thought: country party , wouldn’t be perfect for a lovely flower girl?! Great post Lisa!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you Clara!! Great idea about country wedding, would be cute flower girl skirt. Mary Ann Nietz of Mercantile Lane just did another skirt and it is amazing. Will be posting soon. Thanks Clara for your comment, hope you are well!! Party planning is under way around here too…a Vintage Cowgirl Theme…and yes, there will be a post 🙂 Cheers!!

    • Thank you Carla! It would be just adorable for a county wedding with bales of straw and sunflowers! Boots and hats with a western shirt!

      • Lisa J. Hoover

        I agree Mary Ann, bales of straw and sunflowers!! Love it! Thanks Clara for your comment and inspiration. Clara arranges beautiful parties and has lots of great ideas on her site. I will but in comment shortly…

      • Lisa J. Hoover

        Here is Clara’s facebook business page, she has incredible pictures and ideas. https://www.facebook.com/NotreCharme

  6. Couldn’t wait to hear about how the old pair of jeans turned out, Lisa! Amazing – thanks for sharing those pics, they are adorable! Now this was a great project for your both 🙂

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Delia you should see the next skirt that Mary Ann of Mercantile Lane did for me. Soooo cute!! Yes I will post it, but have a few others in the works. Thanks for commenting

  7. Adorable! Great job. I love the material that was picked for the skirt. Old fashion looking and it works so well with the jeans. Awesome.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you! Mary Ann did a great job! She is such a wonderful and fun gal!! Thank you for stopping by My Western Heart! Please come again

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