What To Do With Old Western Suits – Part 2

What To Do With Old Western Suits

Back in October I wrote about letting go of some old western suits that belonged to my father. They were made in the 70’s and a big part of my Dad’s life. There were 2 old western suits, blue and brown both made of polyester. I fondly nick named them “Old Bluey” and “Old Brownie”  I had the old western suits for about 10 years after my dad passing, they were neatly packed away in a wardrobe in my shed. Not much of a life.

My mom kindly encouraged me to sell the old western suits as she felt they had some value. She had been with my dad to purchase these old western suits at a quality western wear store on Van Nuys Blvd in the 1970’s. She still remembers the day, and how she had to coax him into making the purchase.

Mom I know you are going to ready this, so I have to say; really? polyester? What were you thinking?   I have to tease you a bit, because you have and always will have outstanding fashion sense. I know this was the hot, cool trend back in the day and daddy looked oh so handsome wearing his polyester western suits.

The Old Western Suits Find a Home

Anyway, every time I would go to sell the suits, I just could not do it. I could not stand the thought of some stranger wearing my father’s old western suits, polyester or not. Then one day it Ding! A light bulb went on and I got an idea. I thought, hoped prayed that my very dear friend’s son might want the old western suits. After all he loves the old west and especially vintage western wear, it was worth a shot.  For more details click here to read the first article What To Do With an Old Suit.

Today I have some exciting news to share; “Old Bluey” (the blue suit) got to go to a costume party! He got to be the Lone Ranger! What suit wouldn’t want that?

What To Do With Old Western Suits Doesn’t he look like he is having fun and doesn’t he look so handsome!  Oh the young gentleman wearing “Old Bluey” doesn’t look so bad either! And look at the beautiful Indian maiden he has standing next to him. Tell me “Old Bluey” is not having the time of his life. This rivals the fun times he had with my dad! There is no way I could have given this old western suit this much fun.  Don’t get me wrong,   I am fun, lots of fun, sometimes too much fun if you know what I mean but let’s face it, this is clever and oh so cool. I never could have pulled this off. Yes, me the one that loves a party, especially a party with a theme and a costume.

I never could have offered this kind of life to these old western suits, I am so pleased, happy and relieved to know they have a good home with someone that really loves and appreciates them. It took a while to find the right person but I did. I have no regrets and I feel so much joy to see the old guys out and about with a new life. Best of all, my dad would be delighted for his old western suits.

Letting go is not easy but part of life we must all face it to be able to move on.  Have you had to part ways with a dear treasure from your past, were you able to find the right home for it? Not always easy but when you do  it is such a relief. I feel blessed that I had this opportunity to share these old western suits and keep them alive, by doing so it keeps my father’s spirit alive too, I like this. It helps me.

I would like to thank the handsome young couple that continue to keep these old western suits alive and having fun,  and especially for sharing the adventures with me. These adventures are treasures to me, I am blessed and so are the old western suits.

What To Do With Old Western Suits

Have you had to let go of a loved one’s treasure, to me not an easy task. I hope that you were able to find the peace that I have found in letting go. Let us know your thoughts on letting go, please leave a comment. Until next time, Happy, Healthy Trails!

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