Silents Under The Stars 2014

Silents Under The Stars 2014

Silents Under The Stars At William S. Hart Park, Newhall, CA 2014


William S. Hart Park and Museum is a unique western historical museum, located in Old Town Newhall. It holds a fascinating collection of western history and show cases  beautiful artwork by such artists as Charles Russell and James Montgomery Flagg. The grounds are home to many farm animals as well as a herd of bison that was donated by Walt Disney. To learn more click here. Once a year, The Friends of Hart Park  hold Silents Under The Stars to raise money to help fund this amazing western museum and historical park.

The park is 265 acres of land that was once owned by William S. Hart, a silent film star. The park includes farm animals, hiking trails, equestrian trails, and a herd of American Bison that were  donated by Walt Disney back in 1962. At the park a diamond in the rough sits atop of a hill overlooking the Santa Clarita Valley, it is the beautiful home of William S. Hart. It houses his collection of Western artwork, including Charles M Russell originals, Native American artifacts, film memorabilia and personal effects.

Last Saturday night we were  fortunate to attend Silents Under The Stars, not only did we have a fantastic BBQ dinner, meet lots of really interesting people, we got to go to the Hart mansion and stroll the grounds. Tour guides were available to answer questions and give historical facts on Mr. Hart’s home and life.

Come along, let me show you some pictures, I will take you on a quick unofficial  tour. In a later post I will give a better description of the museum, but for now here are some photos.

This was Mr Hart’s living room. Isn’t it fantastic, look on the far wall, any guesses who painted that beauty? Make a guess, maybe we should have a contest.MWH William S Hart Home


This is Mr. Hart on his beloved Pinto Pony Fritz. MWH William S Hart and FritzFritz’s grave is at the ranch, as well has Mr. Hart’s beloved dogs. This picture was painted by James Montgomery Flagg, he is famous for his Uncle Sam painting, you know the one it has Uncle Sam and says” I want YOU for the U. S army”. In case you don’t know, here is a link James Montgomery Flagg

MWH William S Hart Fritz shoe

Fritz’s horse shoe, so touching, I wish I got to meet Fritz, he even wrote his own book.   Who says horses aren’t smart.

The wall of horse shoes was placed by Mr Hart for all the horses he loved. I have a similar monument in my office from my father’s horse. I now realize where my father got the idea.

MWH Horse Shoes

Sorry for the photo quality, but this is Mr Hart and Amelia Earhart, funny both have “hart” in there names.

MWH William S Hart and Amelia

A guide on the tour reported they were dear friends but did not start out that way, I encourage you to visit the Hart Mansion to find out more about their friendship, for hours of operation, click here

MWH William S Hart Charles Russel

A Charles M. Russell original sketch, he and Mr Hart were also good friends and they would visit from time to time, Mr. Hart would also travel to Montana to him.

MWH William S Hart Kitchen

Oh I would love  to have this stove, would you?

Mr Hart loved his dogs, and he gave his dogs their own bedroom, which use to be his. Every night we would give his dogs Sees chocolate that he kept in the safe. How can you not love a man that not only gives his dogs chocolate…and keeps it in a safe. Chocolate must have been different back then as it can be harmful for dogs I have been told.

MWH William S Hart Dogs

To end our evening at Silents Under The Stars we sat beneath a very full Super Moon and enjoyed Mr. Hart on the big screen in White Oak, a 1921 western cowboy silent movie. A great night, for a great cause as all the money raised helps keep the park open and running smoothly for generations to come. For more information on joining, go to  Friends of Hart Park 

What was your favorite part of the tour, do you have a special place you visited as a child, let us know, maybe My Western Heart will come for a visit.


Until Next Time~Happy Trails

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  1. I bet you had a splendid time that evening. I love all of the pictures you posted; especially the living room picture. The color of the sofa is awesome!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you Laura for your comment and welcome to My Western Heart, thanks for stopping by. I agree the living room is fabulous and is full of so many western treasures. Please come back again!

  2. Lisa I love the stove! I would love to have one like that one… Museums are awesome and full of knowledge and history. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you Remy for stopping by. Yes I agree museums are wonderful, and full of so much history. And that stove!! OMG LOVE IT!! William S. Hart park is such a great place to take kids, so much for them to do and see. Something for everyone

  3. Oh, that stove and the nice kitchenette looks lovely! Thanks for sharing this great story with us, Lisa!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Delia thanks for reading the post. It sure was a great night! Come back again

  4. I am so touched by history and beautiful stories. I love the mansion; it emanates warmth and tells the story of the people that lived there. Looking forward to your new post, Lisa.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Welcome to My Western Heart Livia! Yes history is so wonderful, I just love going to the mansion, and every time I go I learn something new about a truly fascinating man. Please come back again, by the way, loved your post on holiday decorating, just beautiful!


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