My Western Heart’s Summer Travel

Good Morning My Western Hearts! Well I am back in the saddle once again and ready to share some photos of my summer travel adventure. Grab a cup of coffee or what ever you like and sit on down and let me show you a few pictures. I know we are all busy these days so I will just post a few pictures here and there.

Okay, lets saddle up and head north to Montana.

Every trip needs a mascot, here is ours, she has seen a lot of country with us, she just sits and bobs her head. I think we need to name her…we name everything else, our boat, motor coach and cars…will have to think about this.


We traveled many miles our first day, the scenery through Utah and Nevada was amazing!Virgin River Canyon



The red steep rocks of the Virgin River Canyon were amazing! These photos don’t do them justice20160619_134200








Sorry this was while we were driving, Boss Man was on a mission to go as far as we could on our first day…he never stops to take a picture…Men!

When we travel we always have a few of our dogs with us, on this trip, the “Ranch Pups” did not get to come, we brought older more experienced travelers along. Summer travel with dogs is much more fun!20160620_084205








This fella has been taking many road trips with our family over the years, his nick name is Montana Cody

And this girl has been traveling since she was 4 months old, a real trooper! She loves to kayak and boat. 20160620_120559

Our trip ended in Utah, we drove over 600 miles in 1 day, Boss Man was so tired at the end of our journey that when he asked me to get out to guide him into the camp space he didn’t listen when I yelled STOP!!! Resulting in a loud bang and a broken reflector. Poor guy he was tired after driving all day, I was the lucky one sitting shot gun and taking pictures.


That’s it for today, thanks for saddling up and coming along. Next time we will be stopping in a country diner in Dubois, Idaho, loved this charming little place, cowgirls dream, good coffee and awesome breakfast. The decor was cowboy cool. See ya next time as we continue our summer travel to beautiful Montana!








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