Sunday Mornings-Egg Coddler

Sunday Mornings-Egg Coddler

Sunday Mornings at the Lazy TLJ Ranch

Howdy Partners! Ready to saddle up and go for a ride, after all it is Sunday morning, but before we do that, let’s eat a hearty breakfast, none of those sissy toast and coffee breakfasts today, you need a real breakfast, what we call a Ranch Breakfast

Having breakfast on Sunday mornings at the Lazy TLJ has become something of a tradition, like going to church or sayin’ your favorite prayer before bed. All week long everyone around the ranch is up promptly at 5 am, everyone’s headin’ in different directions, 100 miles an hour, animals are waking up, we are rushing and a runnin’ , but on Sundays, something happens… life slows… the sounds are quiet… our neighbors are home… life is good.  We do our best to regroup, refresh and take time for tradition, a mouth watering, hearty, and satisfying “Ranch Breakfast”.

A “Ranch Breakfast” can be as simple or complex as you wish. Our basic ranch has eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast, but most importantly it is time to catch up with one another and spend quality time together as a family.

Let’s talk eggs, not all eggs are created equal, at least that is how we feel. 


Our eggs are straight from the coop rarely will you find a store bought egg at our house with the exception of when our hens go into their molt.



Our next ingredient is capital BBacon, a good quality, not recommended by cardiologists anywhere, thick cut will do.   We love our Lodge Cast Iron Fry pan, for cooking up our bacon yummy & crisp. Are you smelling breakfast yet? Can you smell the bacon cooking?  Cast iron cooking is something we just love at the ranch. I can hardly wait to get my copy of “Cast Iron Cooking with Sisters on the Fly”. Forsure I will be trying out some recipes from the book. Lookin’ forward to that!potatoes

Another regular staple of our Ranch Breakfast is potatoes, usually something already cooked,  left over from the night before, cut into chucks with a little onion, olive oil and salt and pepper. YUM!!

Last, lets fry up those delicious, farm fresh eggs. We like ‘um over easy, but make them anyway you choose ,I like to fancy ‘um up with an egg coddler. An egg coddler is a porcelain or pottery cup with a lid that was designed to prepare food … in particular, an egg dish that is called coddled eggs.  A little something  listed in my  Etsy Store. You can find our store at , don’t forget to check out all of our western vintage treasures we have offered there.  Finally don’t forget your toast, a good quality sour dough is our favorite pick.

plate Set a simple table, no fine china or paper plates here, everyday dishes will do, as they are a symbol of simple every day, good living, family together time. It is so important to take it easy, regroup, relax and unwind from a busy week as a family. Top this off with good talk and you are on your way.





Oh yea, don’t forget dessert.  For me dessert is heading straight out to the hammock, to kick up my heels, listen to the birds, watch the trees sway in the breeze and take a quick little nap. Ah, can you feel the breeze; listen to the birds sing. Ah country life, what a life.


Sunday mornings don’t get better than this. Tell us your Sunday Morning traditions, or take ours to heart, whatever you do take time for you and your family to regroup and rekindle the love in your hearts and give thanks for all you have and the time you have together. 

Happy Trails, Happy Treasures, Happy Tales


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