The Day Jake Reared Up

Suddenly Jake Reared Straight Up!

Without warning, Jake reared straight up and whirled around, I grabbed my hat and held on tight. Before I knew it we were racing across a vast open plain, filled with golden grass that seemed to be whispering as we raced by. This was so unlike Jake I should have known…and then…the alarm, it was time to wake to a new day, it had been a dream. I should have known this was my subconscious playing tricks on me, Jake would never rear and take off like that. He is a good horse, a kind horse.


My Western Heart


Luckily Jake Did Not Rear Up

Rearing horses can get you in a lot of trouble, I won’t own a horse that rears, in my book this is one issue that I won’t contend with. I have a saying, “There are 3 places for a rearing horse, someone else’s barn, 6 feet under or in the movies” Sorry, but this is how I feel. A rearing horse, is a dangerous horse and you usually can’t break them of rearing.

Yes of course any horse can rear, but some horses are more prone to it and use it as a way of getting what they want, a way to get out of work.  I known of many accidents involving a rearing horse. It doesn’t usually end well. Somebody gets hurt, usually the person.

When you are shopping for horse, take your time, ask questions, try the horse, ask around and watch someone else ride the horse before you get on the horse.

Every Horse Will Teach You

I have been blessed with a good horse, and have had many other good horses, but I have had a few that were not so good and they have taught me lessons. All horses teach you something, good bad or otherwise.

Take care and have fun when riding! Buy the right horse for the right job, ask questions and deal with a reputable horse person. That’s my 2 cents! If you want to hear how I fell in love with Jake, click here.

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Until next time Happy, Healthy Trails


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