Unexpected Gifts Can Be The Best

Wow the holidays have come and gone, I have cleaned up my Christmas decorations but still have my tree up with lights, I started taking ornaments off and realized that the tree was still fresh, I could not stand to take her down. Maybe in a few days

Well as you know, I had a fabulous trip to England in October, if you missed that post, check it out, Traveling to England, I had purchased my airline ticket and 2 days later gave a rather quick notice to my job of 13 years, basically it was a “take this job and shove it” sort of situation.

I'm outta here!

Me on my last day

I have moved on and I am happy, relieved, joyful, optimistic and a whole lot less stressed, at first I was very upset with my manager that caused me so much grief, sure we all have grief at work, but this was different, I could and did get along with the toughest managers that were sent my way until now. I was angry, mad and hurt that I could be treated this way, I put a great deal of blood, sweat and tears into my current position, helped build a well liked clinic by many and had a lot of pride in what became of all this work, then to be treated so unfairly, so harshly, of course I was hurt and angry.

I decided to leave my job behind, enough was enough, I had been unhappy with the day to day sadness that the job brought, I had heard it, seen it been there and done that. I needed a change, but I was comfortable, I was… complacent.  I had a nice salary, nice hours, and great health benefits but it was missing something, there was no passion, I went to work everyday dull, sad and with a very heavy heart. I dreamed of having my own company, I had even pulled business licenses, had logos drawn up, dabbled in selling vintage items with a friend and started a blog. I know I can run a business because I was running one at my current position and doing it very well until “she” came along.

She was rude, she was condescending, she didn’t listen, she didn’t care and she wanted the well oiled machine of our clinic to be changed? Mind boggling. In my mind, why fix what is not broken.

I started to look around for new job opportunities, same old, same old, nothing was what I wanted, I wanted a fresh slate, a new chance a new beginning.  All the positions I looked were the same, but with a different name or face. I could not bare to start all over in something I was so unhappy with in the first place. It would be like being in a bad marriage only to get into another bad marriage. Then something happened.

I went to a staff meeting, myself and 2 colleagues were harassed, yelled at and demoralized by her. I left the meeting to get into my car to go home I was sick, scared and wondered what the hell just happened. When I got into my car, I had a text on my phone. It was from a dear friend’s daughter about a job position, she said she thought of me for the position. The wages were a lot less than I had been making, I could not possibly take this job.  Or could I?

After a long stressful evening at home, I decided to terminate my job, take a jump and move on.  Monday morning I turned in my notice, I had no job or idea what I as going to do. I was scared to say the least, I had never done something like this in my life. At the same time of feeling scared, I felt invigorated and alive, I would make it work! I ended up taking the

Then one day as I was getting my new life organized and taking a minute to breath I realized, this was a gift, a gift from her. I have new opportunities and a new career life which in turns has made my home life happier, given me the opportunity to explore other avenues of income, to become very creative financially and to learn to live with less, which is actually more. I am happy, I am calmer and I am starting on an adventure of a life time. I am no longer angry at her, I no longer hate her. I wish my former manager well and thank her for giving me the nudge I needed to get on my feet and move on, if not for her I would still be mindlessly going to a job that I no longer liked, missing out on some of the best things life has to offer me at this time. What a gift.

Another gift that came our way this year was quite special as well. Gifts come in all sorts of packages. In my post on the Royal Mews, I shared that I had sent a message to Santa requesting he replace a very special gift that I lost  for a very special someone that was waiting patiently for me at home. Guess what! Santa delivered!Special Gift

Here is Storm!

Special Gift from Santa

A Special Gift Sitting on our Christmas Tree

He came with a note from Santa and a post card from the Queen!The Queen post card How about that for a gift! He sure made my special someone very happy on Christmas morning.

Thanks for riding along today, please feel free to join in and share or comment, have you ever received a special gift? How did you feel?  What was it?

Until next time, happy, healthy trails!

Tales for the Trail will be taking a short blogging break to regroup, we plan to be back around Valentines Day with more Travel, Treasures and Trails

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  1. I love your attitude – being able to turn around the negative feelings you had towards your manager into positive gratitude is awesome. Sounds like you definitely made the right decision, even though it must have been very scary at the time.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Tamuria for stopping by. Yes it was a VERY scary decision to leave the comfort of a good job but once I did I felt such relief in my life..when I quit, I did not have a job lined up..I had NEVER done that before…luckily I got a new job right away with low stress and great hours so I can pursue my dreams, thanks for stopping by

  2. You know the saying, when one door closes another opens & if it doesn’t you find a door. You are doing that. There is no price on peace of mind, loving what you do and self respect. Thanks for bringing us uptodate. Loved your trip to Enh=gland & look forward to more of your trail stories/

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Roslyn I LOVE your sayings…I have another “Roslynism” to add to my collection. Thank you for the kinds words and encouragement, some days I but only for a few moment wonder if I made the right decision and then I review in my mind the crazy behavior of my boss and my basic unhappiness of my former job, it keeps me on track and I know I made the right decision to leave and pursue some dreams…I look forward to sharing more about travel next month. I took an arm chair vacation in December that I would love to share, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by and for the new saying

  3. What an amazing story, Lisa! have gone through it feeling rushed of everything you posted here, wow! Isn’t it just so amazing how things have a way of sorting themselves out?

    I will tell you that I always look for the blessing in disguise and all my entire life up until now, I was not disappointed to find out this was the truth. Good luck in everything that you do, it’s gonna be wonderful!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you Delia for your encouragement and help with my blog and website, I look forward to new endeavors with both of them! See you next month!

  4. Thank you for sharing the story of your decision to take Your Decision, Lisa. Normally these decisions start brewing and percolating much before the catalyst event but we don’t take action because, as you pointed out, you were complacent and apart from the fact that your heart had stopped singing, you didn’t have a good enough reason to chuck up an otherwise good job.

    When we avoid our destiny or true purpose, the Universe sends us messages which I had discussed in my Wake Up Call teleclass last year and now a Kindle ebook and are compelled to accept our Call to Adventure. In your case, it was literally the Boss from H*ll. 🙂

    I’m so glad Santa remembered you. Storm is cute.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Vatsala, thank you for your encouragement and I look forward to reading your ebook, I did purchase it, but need to find the time to read it..I believe we have a purpose and my purpose at that position was over, it feels good to have moved on and to be testing the water in other areas..ah I am glad too that Santa was able to bring us a new Storm..special Christmas memories indeed. See you next month!

  5. Congrats on taking the leap for yourself and your family, Lisa! It is scary, however, if we trust we are being guided in our lives, the key is to follow the guidance and see what is coming towards us. The sad part is that other employees at your old job, still have to put up with the boss you escaped from. That kind of inhuman treatment of others should not be tolerated. I’ve often wondered what would happen if someone actually “called” them on their behaviour, as I believe people fall into ways of being that would horrify even them. Sometimes when they are called out, they can see the error of their behaviour. Maybe that’s the rose-coloured glass optimist in me though, always looking for the fairness in each situation. Enjoy your new position and new life too! Sounds like 2016 is poised to be a wonderful year of new adventures for you too. p.s. love the surprise gift you received too. Although I couldn’t think of one specifically, I have had many and am always thrilled like you were!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Beverley! I did not have the energy or desire to call my manager on her behavior…it was time to move on. I wish her well and my fellow employees that are still working with her, sometimes we can only save ourselves, as we are all on our own journey and time. I am glad to have moved on, I needed the change, she just happened to be the catalyst that caused me to move on…things happen for a reason I truly believe this..See you next month at My Western Heart

  6. What an ordeal, but what a turn-around! Glad it worked out for the best for you. I think some of my favorite recent surprise gifts have not been so much “material” gifts – but the fact my 3-year-old granddaughter tells her mommy (my youngest daughter) frequently that she wants to call or Skype with Grami (we live in Maine, they are in NH). Yesterday was one of those days, when she had put together a puzzle we gave her for Christmas and she wanted me to see it!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Aww those are the best gifts and hold the most special place in our hearts, enjoy every minute of those gifts. I love Maine, so beautiful..New Hampshire is pretty amazing too…we loved Franconia when we visited the leaves, thanks for stopping by K.Lee Banks

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