Vintage Cowgirl Party

My Western Heart Vintage Cowgirl Party

Recently My Western Heart hosted a Vintage Cowgirl themed  birthday party for a very special lady, who’s age we won’t reveal for obvious reasons, but let’s just say, it was a big one if ya know what I mean.

I wanted to share some of our decorations, to inspire you for your next western themed party or perhaps a vintage cowgirl themed party. We had so much fun creating this party.

So saddle up cowgirls, grab a nice cool drink of something good and come along for the ride,  I would love to give you a tour of the party.

Every Good Party Needs a Theme We Used Vintage Cowgirl

Every good party, in my mind starts with a theme, it could be as simple as a color or as elaborate as a great movie . Once you have a theme you can build from there, it makes party planning so easy.

Our theme was Vintage Cowgirl, our colors were red, white and blue. Nice and easy

My Favorite Item That Every Vintage Cowgirl Party Planner Needs

It’s so simple. Grab a pad of paper, you are gonna need it to write down ideas, take notes and make a list of what you need for your rockin’ good time party. I can’t plan a party without my pad of paper.

A Few of My Favorite Decorations From the Vintage Cowgirl Party

Saddle My Western Heart

Welcome to TLJ, this adorable chalkboard sign was made with a 60 gallon drum lid, ya know the kind I am talking about, the big drum that holds oil or some other nasty chemical. I picked this up for a buck at a garage sale, chalkboard painted it and added a red rim. By the way, red is my new neutral. You can do so much with red. Just think, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or 4th of July.

Next to it I placed an old vintage saddle on a rock, yea, not the best for this saddle but it is one that I don’t ride in, it is a decorative saddle only. I just love it! I added a few pansy’s to my blue speckled enamelware pot and Viola, it added a nice finishing touch.

After Greeting Your Guests They Need a Drink

Ice Bucket

Guests can get real thirsty after a long drive out to the country. I just love this old wash tub, she loves to keep my parties rocking all night long, serving up ice cold drinks. She is quite the work horse. Funky and fun and is available for your next party if you live in our area. She is part of our Rustic Rentals.

A Variety of Cold Drinks Should Be Served

Wash Bucket


We filled this old enamel ware wash tub with sparkling waters and used it to chill our white wine. The sign was made with an old cookie sheet and again with chalkboard paint. Love me some chalkboard paint!

Don’t Let Your Guests Get Confused

My Western Heart Wine Ties

We asked that our guests write their names on a manila tag and Tie One On! We want to stay as green as possible, since this was an outdoor event we had to use plastic. I know, bad, bad, bad, but by tying on name tags there was no confusion with the wine glasses. We also made up some fun names, so guest could have some fun. Annie Oakley, The Duke, Hop Along Cassidy, Miss Kitty  you get the idea. Make it fun! I mean really who doesn’t want to be The Duke.

Now that we have got you started and wet your lips with ideas, we will have to end here. In my next post I will show you some more Vintage Cowgirl decorations.

What is your favorite party theme? Leave a comment below, lets have some fun and share

Until Next Time, Happy Trails



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  1. Nancy C

    What a fun idea! You know how to throw a party!

  2. Annie James

    Giddy Up! Someone better get up and plan my next party girl friend. You did a good job!!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Annie girl friend, your weekend parties end up lasting a week, I don’t have that kind of time. You invented parties, I could not hold a candle to you but it would sure be fun trying!

  3. Love this cowgirl party idea! So awesome and creative Lisa! You get the number 1 award for Rockin!!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Why thank you Mary Ann of Mercantile Lane, that means a lot coming from a very crafty and creative gal such as you. I love your work too, your skirts are the greatest! Happy Trails girl friend!

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