What’s this all about anyway

What’s This All About

One day I left my lucrative nursing career, didn’t have a new job lined up, and had booked a ticket to England the day before I quit, what the heck was I thinking. Well one day it happened, someone told me about an opening at a school for a severe special needs nurse, I took the job and have never looked back. People wonder why did I leave my career, take a totally different type of nursing position and set out on this wild ride of entrepreneurship, keeping late night hours, listening and reading everything I can to figure out what it takes to own my very own company.

Sometimes I ask myself why…and here is the answer

Every morning I wake up there is a little human that I adore!!! I mean I am crazy, head over heals, wild for this little person that calls me mom and you see working in a lucrative job has it’s perks but it didn’t fit into the mom lifestyle I so longed for. I dreamed of summers off with my little one, doing what moms do during summer, I dreamed of working at school like the stay home moms and I even dreamed of driving this little one to school. All of which was not possible with the lucrative nursing position. So when the going go too tough at the big job, I decided to make a change, a big fat scary change and have not looked back once. To say it has been easy would be a complete lie but it was the right thing to do. So here is the good news, I have time with my little one and I was finally able to look at other opportunities that feed my soul and give me certain freedoms that the big job didn’t. I am able to spend more time with this little person, who is rapidly becoming a big person. It is not always about money, it is what is in your heart, it is what makes you want to get up in the morning, or stay up late at night to learn one more thing.

Best Advice I Have

So here it is, my best advice to anyone starting out or starting over, do it! Take a chance, take the leap, move, get uncomfortable and mostly be thankful for every little thing you have. Keep a gratitude journal, meditate or use prayer to remind yourself of all the little things you have and are thankful for. I will leave you with this quote I found from my favorite song writer…Thanks for riding along today, have a great day and until next time, happy, healthy trails

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