Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Earlier this year, My Western Heart ventured to picturesque Whitefish Montana during the dead of winter. Upon our arrival at Glacier Park International Airport we were greet by snow plows on the run way  and an epic winter storm. Locals proclaimed, “We have not had a storm like this for at least 10 years, maybe 20”. On our trip we got to do some really awesome snow skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a scenic ski resort located at The Big Mountain in Northwest Montana and is west of Glacier National Park in the Flathead National Forest.  The resort is a short 4 miles from the quant town of Whitefish and only 21 miles north of Kalispell.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is home to 11 chairlifts, 3 of which are high speed detachable quads, along with 2 quads and 4 triple lifts. A T bar and magic carpet are a perfect match for first time skiers. Have you ever been on a magic carpet? I almost fell off the darn thing, leave it to me. At least I didn’t almost fall off the ski lift.Map Whitefish Mountain Resort


 Whitefish Mountain Resort has something for all skiers

Our group had all levels of skiers; an adorable, young  snow bunny that had never skied , a mom that use to ski, “back in the day” but has lost her ski mojo and proceeded to have a major melt down at the top and a very advanced skier that likes the thrill of black diamonds.  Whitefish Mountain Resort had something for everyone.

We avoided crowds by going the week after New Year’s.  Don’t know about you but this is the only way to ski, I imagine with the vast size of this mountain, a busy day would be nothing like the crazy local California skiing I have encountered all too many times. I am just too old for some things and crowded ski slopes happen to be one of them. Enough said.

Great Deals for First Time Skiers At Whitefish Mountain Resort

The cutie ski bunny signed up for the first time ski package, for a modest price of $75 which included 2 half day ski lessons and ski rentals, she was impressively skiing down green runs by the end of her second day and her 3rd day she was on the blues. So basically I had someone to ski with the first 2 days, then she left me in the powder.Whitefish Mountain Resort Skiing pm

As I mentioned earlier, I have skied for many years, but due to a broken hip in my younger days, and having a baby etc. I took a 10 year break from skiing. When I went back to skiing, my confidence was apparently left in my neon ski bag that I gave away some time ago. I too decided to take a lesson to get back in the saddle and guess what? It really helped the best money I have spent skiing except for the money I spent on the “Good Medicine” at the lodge. Ahh, it was good to be on vacation.

whitefish mountain resort

Good Medicine

What is “Good Medicine”? It goes something like this, hot coffee, cocoa, bailey, whiskey and some other type of booze. It was good, it was fun! I like fun, and fun is good when you are on vacation!

I did not ski the back side of the mountain, I was too busy having anxiety attacks on the front side but look at this photo, these trees are so interesting, so icy and tall

whitefish mountain resort




Photo credit www.mywesternheart.com



Final Review of Whitefish Mountain Resort

If you have the opportunity to ski this Whitefish Mountain Resort, by all means go. I am not a great skier, or even a good skier, but I have spent my earlier days skiing Mammoth CA, Park City UT, Dear Valley UT and my fave, Elk Meadows in UT. The snow at Whitefish Mountain Resort was well groomed, staff was friendly and helpful, first time skiers get a great deal, the mountain had something for everyone with tons of great runs and magnificent views, you can even see Glacier National Park from the top. The weather was on the cooler side 0 to 14 during our visit, we only had 1 day of wind. If you dress right and use layers you won’t be cold. Unless you are taking your gloves off to get pictures for your blog, that would be me. Oh well I can’t pass up an opportunity to snap photos.

If you  need a place to stay, I would highly recommend The Lodge At Whitefish Lake. This placed rocked, read about it in my prior post. After a long day of skiing this was the beautiful pool and jacuzzi we got to relax in. Ahhh, vacation is good.

lodge at whitefish lake

Pool Spa at The Lodge Whitefish Lak

What is your favorite place to ski, Whitefish Mountain Resort is for sure one of my favorite places to ski, I feel so blessed I got to “Ski the Fish”

Until Next Time Happy Trials

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  1. Although I am not a skier, this looks fantastic and I totally get why you would want to visit and ski there after the holiday rush, where the place and the slopes would be much quieter and relaxing for you. As always, your photos paint a fabulous picture of the landscape and the views and it is fun to get to visit the places you are visiting, even if seeing them through your eyes from a distance. Sounds like a great trip for all!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Beverley for stopping by My Western Heart. Yes is was just great and we will be heading back again, hopefully next winter. It was just magical

  2. Looks very inviting! I am not a skier but hubby is – adding this to our very long list for our great America road trip to happen one year soon!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      It was a great place for new skiers to learn Keri! Very reasonable and great runs for new skiers, and of course those black diamonds for the extreme skiers. Thanks for stopping by My Western Heart

  3. Wow! That looks amazing. I haven’t got onto the slopes this year but I have missed it. I’m in the UK and we’re lucky to have places just a short hop on the plane away. Would love to have somewhere like this on the doorstep though. I’m with you on the lessons – my biggest improvements skiing have been made whilst under the watchful eye of an instructor. Well worth the money. Hope you had a great holiday. Beckie

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Beckie from UK! How exciting to have you here! Welcome and please come back and visit. Holiday was wonderful, and it seems like it was so long ago…ah need to plan another. Check back for our next adventure…thanks again for stopping by

  4. I’m not a skier, period. But I’d definitely enjoy spending time away on vacation in a nice place like this one Lisa! My favorite spot would of course, be, the hot tub that you have right there in the last pic, haha!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Skiing is not for everyone Delia, sometimes when I am hanging on the side of a run having a melt down…I am not a skier either and would much rather be at the hot tub! Thanks for commenting!

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