Lancaster Poppy Festival

California Poppies

As you all know, I am passionate about trail riding. I feel so fortunate to be able to leave my property and ride for miles.

Last weekend Jake and I took a quick ride in the hills near our house, as we rounded a corner a top of the hill we were greeted with beautiful wild flowers, especially California poppies. These always make me feel so happy. I just had to get off and take some pictures.

poppies on hill side

poppies on hill side

Of course as I was teetering over the hillside, Jake decided to take a mouth full of wild flowers.


Most of us can’t just jump on a horse and see California , poppies and wild flowers right down our dirt road but you can go to Lancaster California to the Poppy Festival. I have never been but have been wanting to make the trip. Some years have a better showing of flowers than others from what I have heard.

What is the Lancaster Poppy Festival

Since the California Poppies bloom each year around the same time as earth day, the Lancaster Poppy Festival began in part as a part of the Earth Day Celebration.

What to expect at the Lancaster Poppy Festival

There are literally hundreds of exhibits and not to be missed performers and there are plenty of good food choices. Since the festival is in the desert, it is recommended to drink lots of water.  Dress for all kinds of weather, layers is best as the skies can be stormy and breezy. Another good idea is to wear sun protection, good sunglasses and sunscreen.

How to get to the Lancaster Poppy Festival

The festival is located Lancaster City Park, located just off the 14 freeway at Avenue L, for a map please see

For more information on the California poppy reserve, go to

This California State Park site gives up to date information on the Poppy Reserve

Until Next Time, Happy Trails

Since I won’t be attending this year, please feel free to leave a comment about the Lancaster Poppy Festival, I would love to hear your comments.



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