No Glamping This Summer

No Glamping This Summer for my 1966 Kenskill Trailer

With the official start of summer right around the corner, I am so excited to get out glamping! With that being said, I don’t think we will be glamping this year, it is more like revamping, restoring and repairing my 1966 Kenskill Trailer, fondly known as Tin Can Allie akaTAC for short.

A little history on my 1966 Kenskill Trailer           

I purchased TAC last October 2014, and she was the last thing I expected to purchase that day, to see that story go to my earlier post, 1966 Kenskill Trailer Project.  She was named after the fans of My Western Heart Facebook Page submitted names and took a vote. Check out our page and don’t forget to like us, it is like a little blog with lots of cool stuff.

Repairing, Revamping and Restoring but No Glamping This Summer

My first day on the job, I showed up ready to go!

Me repairing 1066 Kenskill Glamper

Me! Working on Tin Can Allie aka TAC

Day one was a cool winter’s day and the sun was shining. Willie was playing and I had my tools. Check out these babies

Tools for repairing glamper

What? A garden shovel is a too?

What? I had my garden shovel, ratty old garden gloves and my mask. What more could a gal need to rip out a floor? Well Boss Man got a look at me and about threw a fit, but he let me try my luck  before he moved in and helped out.

Our first project was ripping the floor out of the front cabinet, it had terrible water damage.After lots of prying, pulling and digging around the old rotted wood started to come out, take a look at this mess 1966 Kenskill Trailer front cabinet

Amazing what water can do to a floor, in a cabinet. Here is another look.1966 Kenskill Glamper Redo

Come back next time and I will show you the finished result. This was the first of many projects with Tin Can Allie aka TAC.

Have you ever restored a trailer, car or truck? Let us know, comment now, we would love to hear from you. Until next time, happy, healthy trails!




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  1. Annie James

    Girlfriend! Either you are behind on your posts or you ain’t getting this thing done, which is it. Get a move one and get glamping!! Annie says so!

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