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Destination Wedding Santa Ynez, California

destination wedding

Having a destination wedding is such a popular thing to do these days. I mean really how fun, to run off and get married and invite friends and family. A few weekends ago, Boss Man and I were invited to a lovely destination wedding in beautiful horse country Santa Ynez, California. For us it was a short 2 and half hour drive and we were able to enjoy the ocean view on our way up as we ducked into the little town of Santa Ynez. The bride and groom were amazing, they had every detail taken care. The wedding was held at a lovely winery, a perfect evening, unless…

Traveling to a Destination Wedding

Unless you live on the other side of the country, this could complicate things a bit, but still worth it. If you can make it, it is worth the travel. As I mentioned travel for us was not far, but it still had it’s challenges such as busy southern California traffic which delayed us about 1 hour and caused some stress but we made it to beautiful horse country.

Destination Wedding and Child Considerations

When planning a wedding there is always the question of…should or can children ┬ácome to the wedding. Depending on who you ask, you will get different advice and opinions. Sadly we had to present to the wedding childless but on the other hand it was a nice reason to take a break from our day to day life with a little one and get away and have some adult time.

Special Guests and Making Arrangementsdestination wedding and special guestsdestination wedding sign

Destination weddings are exciting! Except when you have some special considerations due to health or limited mobility. Sometimes what is not realized by a bride and groom is grandma and grandpa might not be as young as they once were and getting to a far off destination can be a daunting task. An elderly woman at the wedding almost cancelled her trip, bless her heart, she felt over whelmed just getting packed up, she was afraid she would leave some item of utmost importance at home and lugging her oxygen unit was no fun. She said she was so pleased to be there once she was there, but it was the getting there that was no fun.

Added Cost for Guests Attending a Destination Wedding

Lastly, one more thing to consider for your guests if you are planning a destination wedding is cost. Guests will most likely need to have hotel accommodations, and while food will be served at the wedding itself, one will need to purchase most likely a meal or two on their own.

Overall I think having a destination wedding is romantic, charming and adds a sense of adventure to a wedding but it is important to consider all yours guests and their unique needs. I felt blessed to be at this wedding and truly had a great time, I love to travel but it is not for everyone, I thought I would just throw this out there, what are your thoughts on destination weddings? Would love to hear your thoughts or experiences. Until next time happy, healthy trails!


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  1. Destination weddings do require a lot of planning, Lisa, and hats off to the newlyweds for their meticulous planning. I’ve never been to one but one of my friend’s brother decided he wanted a destination wedding in Hungary. That was fine, I guess, except the bride, groom and their retinue were flying in from USA while the groom’s family and extended family were flying in from Singapore and India.

    Flights had to be factored in as well as hotel accommodation and tons of other things. Luckily he is a successful banker and I wonder how many months were spent planning this and the budget? The wedding photographs were worth the investment in a memorable wedding.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Yes!! Lots of planning to attend a destination wedding…I was so worried I would forget a shoe or something…LOL we survived and had fun…thanks for stopping by

  2. Destinations weddings definitely seem to becoming more popular. I continue to hear about people planning their wedding on a Caribbean Island and only very close friends and family attend. I have gone to two destination weddings. At least they were destination weddings for me. I travelled (when I was very ill) to a cousin’s daughters wedding in California. Even though I hadn’t travelled in 5 years because of my health, I absolutely had to go to hers. It was the beginning of my travel life again, knowing I could make it through. I also travelled out west to my brother’s wedding in B.C. At that time my mother was still willing to fly so my daughter, my mother and I all went. The destination wedding definitely requires a lot of planning and a sensitivity to the guests who are being invited. My daughter hopes to get married on a beach, barefoot if and when she gets married. As we live in Toronto, that will definitely mean we need to plan a destination wedding! Thanks for sharing and happy you had such a fun time too!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      A beach wedding would be so beautiful! You could end up anywhere with that request, no matter where, enjoy not just the destination but the journey. Thanks for stopping by Beverley

  3. Two of our sons got married within a few months of each other a couple of years ago, both on the south coast. One was 1 1/2 hour drive and the other, a 3 1/2 hour drive so we stayed in hotels both times. One did it as it was close to the bride’s family and the other because it was a beautiful venue. As the weddings were not close to our home we couldn’t accommodate Hubby’s Queensland family so many didn’t attend because of the cost. Good thing the son considering a wedding in Fiji changed his mind.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Tamuria for sharing…yes good thing he changed his mind and no wedding in Fiji…

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