Happy Spring!

Happy Spring from My Western Heart

I hope all of you are having a lovely Spring or dreaming of one.Happy Spring My Western Heart

Started some early planting of flowers and seeds

I look forward to going for a hike and discovering some beautiful wild flowers, what about you? Spring time is also a great time to get out and shop flea markets and look for good bargains. I hit a few last week and had a blast, it was a beautiful day!

Is anyone traveling for Easter break? No plans here, maybe to a local museum or mountains. Leave a comment and let us know where you are headed. Safe travels!

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  1. I love your spring pictures – so cheerful.Spring is my favourite season as it promises summer to come and everything is so pretty. We avoid the traffic chaos during Easter but will celebrate with the family here on Sunday – big lunch and a fun egg hunt for the Goddesses. Have a great Easter.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Tami! I love Spring too but it does make me a bit sad as I like cooler weather and I know this is the beginning of a very long hot summer…enjoy your family time!

  2. I love the Emerson quote, Lisa. So apt! Miss Coco and I have been enjoying our walks and spending time in the garden enjoying the flowers and the palm trees swaying in the breeze. We’ve been seeing butterflies in the garden too. Yesterday there were 2 peacock blue ones and today we saw 1 with white wings. Staying home for the long weekend prepping for a teleclass I’m hosting on Shiny Object Syndrome and business.

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Ahh life sounds wonderful Vatsala! did you know I have a Coco too? She is one of the ranch pups…a sweetie pie. I need to attend your SOS class, very interesting! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. We’re celebrating Easter in May so that we’re just gonna relax, all family, this coming weekend. It’s going to be great – we love the simple things of cooking dinner together, watching a movie, and playing with the pets.

    Life is good! Your spring decor looks gorgeous by the way, Lisa!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Delia for stopping by, enjoy family…doesn’t get better than that…

  4. I also shared that Emerson quote on my FB page this week, as I love the thought and I also love Spring. As a flower lover, I miss the colour of spring and summer during the winter months. We aren’t doing anything for Easter and are actually having a winter weather blast here today. It is very pretty with ice on all the trees, but it never compares to spring for me. I love the idea of rebirth and renewal that spring brings! Looks like you have an early spring where you are if those are taken recently! Have a lovely weekend whatever you do.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      We are having Spring…but we will get a good blast of cold before it is over…waiting to plant my garden..I have been burned…by the frost one too many times. Enjoy your ice blast and Easter!

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