Letting Go ~What To Do With An Old Suit

What To Do With An Old Suit

Last weekend I saw an interview with Jessi Colter on NBC news regarding her late husband Waylon Jennings auction that will take place next weekend in AZ. The Guernsey auction house will hold this event and the public will have a chance to bid on some of Waylon’s treasures, the auction will offer a variety of items; everything from a 1958 Aerial Cyclone Motorcycle once owned by the late Buddy Holly and Waylon to a  Dobro Resonator guitar with return. A desk with Johnny Cash’s , Hank Williams Jr and Willie Nelson’s numbers scratched into is estimated to sell for $30, 000-$ 50, 000. During the interview Jessi said it was time to let go of some of Waylon’s treasures go; she was ready to let go and find new home

I Didn’t Know What To Do With My Fathers Old Suits

When my father passed away I was given much of his collection of western treasures; I still house and store many of them today in my own home. They seem to keep his spirit alive in my life and bring back fond memories.  Occasionally I will find a new home for a treasure, but it has never been an easy task.

In the 1970’s my father had two custom made, western tailored suits, one blue, one brown. Being from the 70’s they were made of polyester, (yea I know but that was the style back then, scary huh?). Each suit donned western yolks and pearl snaps. Even though the suits were something I would not use, I could not part with them. My mom encouraged me to sell them on Ebay, but I just could not part with them, I know silly, right? I kept the suits, clean and tucked away for many years waiting for the right home. I know it sounds weird but they were my father’s suits, my dad’s. I needed to find the right place for them.

Then one day I was at the day job, and my dear friend told me that her son was into wearing vintage western wear and he had recently made some purchases on Ebay. I thought to myself how cool is that, my day went on.

Bam! Like a freight train I awoke at 3 am, as I usually do when my mind starts to race, full of ideas. Seems my mind does its best thinking at this odd hour and I came to the conclusion, maybe this handsome, young guy would like my dad’s suits. It wouldn’t hurt to ask right?

The next morning I called my friend; she loved my idea and would check with her son. Well guess what? The suits that once had a incredibly fun filled, wild life due to my dad’s rowdy ways would have a new life once again, a life with a young exciting gentleman. A much better life than being stuffed into a box, kept neat and tidy not going anywhere, not having any fun. My dad would not have liked this.

I Found A New Life For My Father’s Old Suits

So the custom suits found their new home, and guess what again? They fit this young man, just like they were made for him. Crazy I know but I felt so relieved to have a new home and new life for my dad’s suits.

Every once in a while, I get a picture emailed to me of the suits and hear of their latest, swinging adventures. My dad would have loved this. I knew in my heart I did the right thing.


I thought I would share a few pictures of the suits, this is “old bluey”, he was paired with a nice pair of  jeans and gets to hang out with this really cool  holster. Really?The Suit 2

Suit 3

Old Bluey

Old Bluey

What suit wouldn’t want that kind of life? Hanging out with a beautiful hand tooled holsteroand  faded blue jeans. I am so glad the suits got a new home and new lease on life.


Parting with treasures and things can be hard, but a necessary part of the letting go cycle. I hope that Jessi finds the right homes for Waylon’s treasures this weekend, and that they have a new life. Have you ever had to part with a treasure? What was the hardest treasure you had to part with? Let us know, we would love to hear your story.

Until next time, happy trails






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  1. Annie James

    My heart be still, would ya look at that! I’d be getting rid of all my treasures if they were going to this hot young thang! Giddy Up, we need more pictures. Annie

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Annie James! Settle down girl…he is spoken for…thanks for the comment darlin’

  2. Lovely post. It’s always hard to let things go that you have an emotional attachment to. In this case I think you made the best decision possible. That gorgeous suit will surely continue to live a happy life as part of this “young exciting gentleman’s” wardrobe. 🙂 What a great way to share your father’s fun spirit.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you for the wonderful comment, my dad would have liked that. Come back again!!

  3. Winnemucca

    As a young girl I often listened to the words that our Navajo Elders sang……”Go my son, Go and find the next world. Go my son. Go and find your vision. Go my son. Go and make me proud of you”…… Letting go is one of life’s greatest lessons and is suspect your father is very proud of you, Lisa J. Hoover!! Thanks for the uplifting post, love your site.

    All is Well, Winnemucca

    P. S.- tell the cowboy I’ll keep the barn light on!

    • Winnemucca

      Typo, I not is

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Winnemucca thank you for sharing the Navajo Elders song, it is hauntingly beautiful. Letting go is hard, but such a necessary part of the journey, if we don’t let go, it is hard to move forward, thank you for this freeing message.

  4. I’m pretty fine with letting go of things I don’t need. However I still have a few clothes from when I was very young. Because they’re not fashionable anymore, I find no sense in giving them away. So I guess those will stay with me forever, haha!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      It’s good to have some of our past with us Delia, thanks for stopping by!

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