Howdy My Western Hearts, ready to saddle up today and head off to beautiful Montana? I am gonna keep the words to a minimum today, because there is not any words I can say that can begin to explain the beauty in Montana, here goes, enjoy the photos.

Montana They Don’t Call It Big Sky Country For Nothing


And yes, a river runs through it, actually many rivers run through it, Blackfoot River, Flathead River, Bitterroot River and here is the beautiful Kootenai River.

Kotenai River


Green meadows are everywhere

Montana Meadow

And barns, old barns, new barns, big barns and little barns and so many flowers.

Montana Beauty

The loveliest snow capped mountains are everywhere. So much eye candy for the soul…and ya don’t gain a pound.

Mountains of Montana

And oh so many cute little calves…I was in cow heaven I tell ya!

Baby Calf

If you ever get a chance to visit Montana, you will be so glad you did. It is such a special place and the beauty is all around. Thanks for saddling up today and riding along, next time we will continue our journey and share our photos of Banff National Park in breath taking Alberta Canada, believe me you don’t want to miss out, this is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world…my mom said so. Until next time, happy, healthy trails!



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