What To Do With An Old Pair Of Jeans

What To Do With An Old Pair Of Jeans

What to do with an old pair of jeans

Have you ever had an old pair jeans, I mean a pair that is worn out, roughed up,  ridden in, lived in and you just can’t part with them? I mean you and these jeans have history. If your jeans could talk, they would have some stories.  I have a pair like this, I literally wore them out.  After I decided not to wear them anymore, as I didn’t want to embarrass myself or family,  I figured I would find a new life for my jeans. I just could not part with them. For a year, atop of my assorted material basket the old jeans waited patiently for me to give them a new life. I dreamed up all sorts of fun things to do, make a skirt, a pillow or a purse but I had 1 problem, I don’t sew. I had no problem dreaming up ideas of what to do with my faded, worn out, bestie, old jeans but I don’t sew.  I can do a simple mend or fix a missing button but other than that…I don’t sew.  Glue gun yes, sew no.

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The Traveling Jeans


I Googled what to do with an old pair of jeans

So I decided to do what most of us do today when we have a pressing question, I Googled it. What DID we do before google and Utube? I Googled what to do with my favorite, ripped up, worn out, old pair of jeans. I was immediately shown Utube videos of how to do it myself, yeah right and then I saw the cutest skirt made from an old pair of jeans from a shop on Etsy. I clicked on over to Mercantile Lane, the skirt I wanted was  a OOAK(one of a kind) piece of art, a real beauty but here was problem ,  it was the wrong size. Capital B- BUMMER!!! I decided to ask if there was any way I could get this skirt in my size


The kind shop owner, Mary Ann Nietz, quickly replied informing me there was no more of these jeans. As I sat at my desk, my old jeans layed on the floor waiting for a new life, if they could talk it probably would have sounded something like this.  

“Hey girlfriend, why not me, send me on a trip, let me have a new life, why wait for someone else’s old jeans, a pair of jeans that have no history like we do.” “I want to keep having fun with YOU!”

Ding ! A Light Went On, I Realized What To Do With My Old Pair of Jeans

DING!  A light went on, I looked at the jeans, got back on the computer and sent another message, could I send my jeans? Another quick reply and the answer was Yes! And to top if off, I asked if I could send my daughters favorite old pair of jeans to have made into a matching skirt. Another YES! Things were looking up, problem solved thanks to Mary Ann Nietz at Mercantile Lane So this started the journey of the traveling jeans.Old Jeans packaged rs

Stay tuned for the new life that these worn out old pair of jeans. If you want a sneak peak at what the jeans have been up to come on over to our Face Book page and take a look, the journey began there last week for these old pairs of jeans. While you are there, please Like Us and feel free to leave a comment! We like LIKES

Until Next Time, Happy Trails

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  1. Rachel

    Keep us posted on your project!

  2. Love what you have done with your website!! Looks amazing! Keep on rockin on with your heart GF
    Beautiful and Excellent blog!! Take care, Mary Ann Nietz

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you Mary Ann, the blog is a labor of LOVE and Work in progress. Will keep on keeping on…happy trails GF!!

  3. Aww, what a beautiful story, Lisa! Can’t wait to see how the adventure unfolds!

  4. How fun, 2 of my fb girlfriends! Looking forward to it!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Becka! Thanks for stopping by the blog!! Sorry it took so long to respond, have been working on the new Etsy shop…glad to see you found us over here! Cheers

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