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Good evening my western hearts! I hope you all are doing well this busy time of year! When I left off last time I told you I had quit my job  and traveled to England, if you missed that post, here it is My Western Heart Update.

Traveling to England was an trip of a life time, I wanted to share some photos

So I have a dear friend that goes to England every year for the Tattersales horse sales in New Market England, and every year she asks me to go and I say “no I can’t” . But this year, I felt different, I felt that I could go and I took the plunge and bought my airline ticket, unbeknownst to me,  2 days later I would quit my job of 13 years. This was not an expected life change, but it was necessary, the stress was causing health issues, family stress and I was not a happy camper,  it was time to go…so I kindly said, “take the job and shove it!”  Well that’s what I would have liked to say, somehow I held my composure and kept my mouth shut.

Traveling to England Was Easier With My Wonderful Guide and Dear Friend

Tagging along with my world traveling friend definitely made life easier and as a result I had a trip of a life time that centered around my passion, horses. I love to travel, and once upon a time, I use to travel all over the United States for  my work, at this time in my life I love visiting National Parks and  I currently travel to the Pacific Northwest yearly , my last trip was in January,  to Whitefish Montana where I visited the fabulous Lodge at Whitefish 

Traveling to England Was Exciting and New

Traveling to England required me to update my passport, the very thought of this sounded like a lot of work, and I didn’t have a whole lot of time.

I had not been out of the country for a while, my last big trip abroad was Australia. I needed a new passport, a name change and I needed it quick! Luckily I was able to get one quick and easy at our United States Post Office,  I had to laugh, as it was easier getting my passport updated than registering TAC with the DMV, go figure. Heck, it was easier getting my passport than waiting in line for Christmas stamps…Ok just sayin’

Traveling to England was something different and new for me,  I loved the history, charm and kind, wonderful people I met along the way. I instantly fell in love with this great country. If you like, grab a cuppa tea and check out my photos.

Traveling to England was so easy

We left Los Angeles at 10:30 pm and arrived in Heathrow International Airport the next day at some strange hour, here I am, looking sleepy but look at that smile! I was estactic to be traveling to England, who needs sleep? After our flight and enduring airplane food we needed good food. Lisa J Hoover

We somehow found a beautiful restaurant offering excellent Indian cuisine and a wonderful bottle of wine after that we attempted to get a good night’s sleep.

Traveling to England Started in London

After traveling to England my lovely dinner

The next day we headed into London via a train, hopped on the Big Red Double Decker Bus and traveled around London in the cold foggy weather, the weather really set the scene, it was just as I had imagined it. Personally if you don’t have a lot of time when traveling to England, and we didn’t, hopping on an” On/Off Bus” was the way to see London. We could set our own pace.

Despite the rain, we sat atop of the Big Red bus and took in all the sights and sounds. The tour guide asked if we were from California as “they are the only ones that sit in the rain on the tour”, we couldn’t help but chuckle. He was nice enough to give us a “raincoat”, it was more like a large garbage bag but it did the trick, keeping us dry.


Hold on, here we go, around the corner here is my first view of Big Ben! Tell me I wasn’t excited!! Not the best shot but imagine standing on top of a double decker bus, in the rain getting photos,  definitely fun but a challenge.

Big Ben

Big Ben England










Next we saw the most interesting outdoor bronze statue, it is called Still Water and was constructed in 2011 by Nic Fiddian, and it is located at the Marble Arch in London. Truly magnificent. I had to look up the name as I missed it on the tour, I had lots to learn on this trip, thank goodness for Google!

Traveling to England

England was truly a horse lover’s paradise, I really did not realize this until traveling to England how much horses play a vital role all over the country.

Traveling around London we saw this amazing bronze statue.London My Western Heart


It is located between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square and represents the four horses of Helios, the Greek god of the sun and light. The four horses are Pyrois, Eoos, Aethon and Phégon. This fountain statue was erected in honor of Lord Shaftesbury

For today I will leave you with some tea and shortbread that awaited me in my lovely, quaint hotel room.Tea and Shortbread pm It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day. As for my next post, I will tell you about the Royal Mews…if you are a horse lover, you don’t want to miss this. Don’t know what the Royal Mews is, no worries I didn’t either but if you love horses, don’t miss it.

If you have experienced traveling to England what was your favorite place, town or pub? Or what would you like to see if you were traveling to England, would love to hear about it

Until next time, happy trails!



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  1. Your journal of your trip has brought back fond memories of the years I spent in England studying to become a Chartered Accountant, Lisa. I used to travel on the weekends to new places and especially loved Devon which I visited during a longer weekend. You must try the typical British Tea with Scones. I promise you, you’ll love it.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Vatsala! Yes I did enjoy a traditional English tea and it was wonderful!! There is really nothing like it. I will have to check out Devon next time I go…which will be a while but I will get there. Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy your posts

  2. Visiting England is on my bucket list. I love horses too so now you have inspired me to start saving and having a plan!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      I wish I had saved more, but I took a jump and just did it and glad I did. Please come back again Renee as you will see LOTS of horses in the posts to come at My Western Heart, and welcome! Come back again

  3. So happy you shared the start of this trip and I look forward to each day. You are right, who knew about all the horses. That’s what is so great to read about others travels thru their interests. Somehow you always take great photos. Hope you didnt need a rest when you got home. To your next blog…

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Roslyn! Thank you for complimenting my photos, I love photography and that is one of the ways that My Western Heart will be transitioning in the new year, stay tuned for that. Expect more horses in the posts to come as I share England My Western Heart style

  4. What a wonderful trip and absolutely fantastic photos. I love the Still Water sculpture.I went to boarding school in England (Eastbourne)for about a year – I laughingly call it my “Jane Eyre” year.I think I’d get a lot more out of it as an adult.:). Glad to hear you’ve been to the Land Down Under. Thank you for the cuppa and shortbread.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Wow what an experience to live in England although I don’t think I would like a boarding school, come on back anytime for a cuppa and some short bread!

  5. It’s been many years since my daughter and I were in London to do a guest taping on a British TV show, relating to her television series. Although I don’t remember exactly where we ate or stayed, I do remember returning to the London Zoo. I had been there in the early 70’s and the elephant lover in me wanted to see their elephants.

    We also hit Carnaby Street and did see Big Ben and some of the other “tourist” sites. I remember visiting the Tate Gallery when I was there in the 70’s and still have the guidebook I bought way back then. From this most recent trip, I remember we were in a very deserted neighbourhood one night and went to an Indian restaurant and I believe it was mostly locals eating there too.

    Great to document your memories this way, Lisa. My last trip to London was back in the 90’s and there was no way to share our adventures in the same ways we have to do it today. So happy you went for it, and really enjoyed yourself while there!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Beverly for sharing, the neighborhoods were so interesting and fun to look at. I am in love

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have never been to London but hope to some day.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Yes Lisa London was quite the place to visit, thanks for stopping by My Western Heart

  7. I’m so happy you took the plunge and had this amazing vacation, Lisa! Have not seen England yet and though I’d love to, I have Ireland first on the bucket list. Something about that green all over the place inspires me.

    Can’t want to see what else you have in the store to share with us next time 🙂

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Ah yes Ireland…on my list as well Delia! Another wonderful country full of beautiful horses and castles…one day. Thanks for stopping by!


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