My Western Heart May 2016

My Western Heart May 2016

Howdy my western hearts! Things have been so crazy here as I have been trying to become a legend…well heck a gal can try! Here is a quick update on our latest adventures, travels and treasures.

Tales for the TrailJake is still in retirement and he is some what enjoying it, he had his shoes pulled a few weeks ago, so it is official, when the shoes come off…it’s time to retire. He hangs out at that ranch and keeps all the other horses in line, eats carrots and is just good ol’ Jake. He seems to be liking his second retirement but I know he would prefer to be out on the trail any day. So without a horse I had to make a decision, a hard start looking for a new horse. I felt so bad but…

I started looking for a new horse to ride several weeks ago, man what an ordeal. My dear friend Rachel always says “shopping for a horse is like shopping for a wedding dress….sounds like fun, should be fun…but…it’s not”

So finally after “kicking a lot of hooves” I found a new friend. He is a big,quiet fellow and I will introduce you to him next time. I had to ride a lot of horses, call many people and travel many miles to find him. Buying a horse is scary but one of the things I liked most was the gal I bought him from, she was the real deal, a true horse woman through and through, not a wanna be trying to sell me the wrong horse. As much as I was looking for the right horse, she was looking for the right owner.  So for me, she was a huge part of they buying experience, we spoke the same language so to speak. So hang tight, I will have photos and a whole lot more in the next post.


Barn Sale RFC

Some exciting news with our Barn Sales, things are really starting to take off at our Barn Sales on our Facebook group page, if you like vintage farm collectibles come on over and join in the fun! We have great deals and lots of fun, check us out at We will have 2 more sales in June and will be taking a short break during July and part of August as we do some travel, speaking of travel.

My Western Heart Travel

This summer My Western Heart will  be putting our passports to good use when we travel to

Canada,specifically Banff  National Park. I can hardly wait!!!! We will be posting photos of our travels during July and August on our Instagram account, you can look us up at .  Hopefully during our travels we will find some unique treasures to share at our Barn Sale, we hope to have a Barn Sale in August or beginning of September, stay tuned.

It has been a crazy busy month and we look forward to sharing more next month on our travels, trails and treasures.

Until next time, happy, healthy trails!


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  1. Congratulations Lisa. A new horse, success with the Barn Sales and a lovely trip to Canada planned – what an exciting time. I can understand your mixed feelings about getting another horse as you love Jake so much, but it sounds like he’s happy munching carrots and hanging out at the ranch.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Yea, he is happy…probably like me to feel guilty…he is such a character… still love him and miss riding him. See ya next time

  2. Shopping for a horse is like shopping for a wedding dress….I love it, Lisa. Sad to know that Jake has officially retired but he seems to like his new admin job and that is good. Looking forward to reading about your new trail buddy next time.

    PS. I totally agree with Calamity Jane.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Howdy Vatsala! I am so glad the shopping is over!! Still getting to know each other as horse and rider, takes time and he is nice an quiet which I love. CheerS

  3. Love the Calamity Jane quote! Yes to a gal being a legend. Sounds like Jake is going to enjoy his retirement and that your research payed off when it comes to finding the perfect new horse, Lisa. I love that you considered the woman who you bought him from. I imagine the trainer/owner/breeder is a big part of who the horse becomes. Enjoy the new big, quiet guy and look forward to hearing more about him and your adventures next time.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thanks Beverley, we are still getting to know each other, but have been out on the trail a few times so far…he is very kind.

  4. I do look forward to being on the trails with you. Love hearing that you found your horse & from a gal who cared about who she sold it too. You will love Banff & I look forward to all your treasures and photos. Seems like you have some great plans ahead.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Roslyn! I am so glad you like being on the trail with me…that has been my hope, is that people that don’t ride, can come along and share stories and enjoy the ride. See ya next time! Giddy up!

  5. Ahhhh! My stepmom just went through a similar thing, and I just met her new horse, Sadie. She’s sweet, but I make sure to spend time with Booty who can’t compete and trail ride anymore 😕

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Kimberely…yea it is important to spend time with the ones that can’t ride anymore. It is heart breaking to have Jake with me. Thanks for sharing

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