Whitefish Montana

White Fish Montana

If you want charm, love to ski and enjoy quant shopping and outstanding dining experiences Whitefish Montana is undeniably one to add to your bucket list, lovely Whitefish Mt has so much to offer. My Western Heart had a recent trip to Whitefish Montana in January; it was the perfect cure for the post the holiday blues.

Before traveling to a destination I love to Google it and see what it’s about. The pictures on Google were of white snowy mountains and  quaint small town streets decorated for Christmas. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

My worry was that all the Christmas decorations would be gone as we arrived the week after New Year’s, in So Cal the decorations seem to quickly disappear on Dec 26. After all they have been up since October.

Our Snowy Arrival to Whitefish Montana

When we arrived we had an interesting escort on the runway by these fellows, yep the snow plows. I must say our pilot landed our plane just as if it were a beautiful sunny warm day. Best landing ever!

Snowy arrival Whitefish Montana

We got in our rental car, which by the way tripled in price from the month earlier, no really it did.

Our heated seats were a pleasant surprise as the outside temp dipped to 10

PIC10 degrees whitefish mt

Our Snowy, Wonderful Drive to Whitefish Montana

Loaded up we headed to our lodge, we had only seen pictures on the internet. On the internet the lodged looked ok, nothing special but hey I was thrilled to be staying in a lodge and not camping for once. Don’t get me wrong, but maids and room service are something haven’t seen for years, and to not have to pack up the motor coach was a REAL treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping but once in a while change is good, real good.

Our timing was perfect, we hit an epic storm in beautiful Whitefish, snow was falling everywhere, a real treat for this So Cal girl. As we approached Whitefish we were greeted with this sign.season greetings whitefish montana I was thrilled! Imagine that! Christmas decorations! As we traveled closer to the lodge, quaint little houses appeared with twinkling lights and the most picturesque decorations ever. The houses sat brilliantly in the snow, surrounded by Christmas glory.

This was just our drive to the lodge; I have so much to share about this incredible trip to Whitefish Montana. My next post I will share a very special surprise at the lodge.  Stay tuned as I share my surprise. Have you been to Whitefish or have you added it to your bucket list? Comment now

Until next time, happy, healthy trails!

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  1. Annie James

    Well, well, well, I was hoping you would get around to writing about your trip darlin’. It was sure good to see you! I look forward to the next part.

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Annie! How is Montana treating you, glad we got to visit and you will soon be joining as a guest blogger!

  2. Montana is one place I have not visited. It looks like a very beautiful place – thank you for sharing!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Cher, thanks for stopping by. Montana is beautiful and wild, a real adventure when you visit. My next post will showcase photos from the lodge we stayed in, check back later this week. You won’t want to miss it. Until next time, happy trials!

  3. Looks like a great start to the trip. I have never been to Montana, but have always wanted to visit!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Hi Kirsten, thanks for stopping by. My next post will come out this week and will have lots of cool photos of the lodge we stayed in. Happy Trails!


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