William S. Hart’s 150th Birthday Celebration

William S Hart 150th Birthday Celebration December 6, 2015

Howdy Partners! I am finally getting back in the saddle so to speak after a long and enjoyable holiday vacation season. Time went so fast, and there was so much to do and see. I want to tell you about one of my favorite events this holiday season. I was fortunate to attend William S. Hart’s 150th birthday party at his beautiful hill top home in Newhall California, nestled in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley.  I have had many tours of the amazing mansion through the years but this candle lite tour during the Christmas season was beautiful, enchanting and entertaining…. and it got me to thinking, I know, don’t get her thinking but before I get into that, I would like to show you a few pictures of the William S. Hart mansion during the holiday season. Saddle up, here we go!

William S. Hart 150th Birthday

William S Hart Birthday Celebration Bill Hart Turns 150


The beautiful spiral stair case that leads upstairs was adorned with garland, balloons, and tiny festive holiday lights. It was quite exquisite and a grand entrance. Apparently my camera decided to get a little star struck and not take the photos I had wanted, or the glass of wine I had before the tour interfered…anyway, here ya go. Sorry, the photos for this shoot are not my best, I promise to do better next time.

Bill Hart's 150th Birthday Celebration


Next the living room, the tree was so festive and bright. Notice the bear lying next to the tree, I will tell you about him in a later post, for now, beware. This grand western themed room showcases a variety of Western artwork by noted artists Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington, as well as mementos from early Hollywood, personal furnishings and effects, and artifacts representing multiple Native American cultures. If you have never been to the museum, it is open most days and of course free, Mr. Hart generous gift to the public.


Here is another angle of the same room.William S Hart 150th birthday party

William S Hart 150th Birthday Celebration Rare Photos


Downstairs, in the entry were some photos I had never seen before on a tour, either they were not displayed or I was simply mesmerized by some other fascinating entity at the mansion. This photo is of Mr. Hart with his wife, Winifred Westove, she too was an actor. They were married for a short time, and had 1 son, William S. Hart Jr.

William S. Hart and Winifred

Wedding Photo

William S. Hart and  Wife Winifred

A lovely picture of their only son sat next to theirs, garnished by holy and Christmas décor.

William S. Hart Jr and Winifred Westover

William S. Hart‘s 150th Birthday Celebration

I will leave this post, with this picture and a question

William S. Hart 150th Birthday

This photo is of a picture that reads, The Ornaments of a House are the Guests Who Frequent It”  (Incidentally I have this same picture in my home at Christmas.)William S. Hart 150 birthday celebration

Can you imagine the folks that visited this grand home, that over looked what is now known as the Santa Clarita Valley?  So here is my question, If you could have dinner with 3 people, who would they be and why? They could be from your past, present or future, they could be someone you have never met. I will tell you in my next post who I would like to dine with, I would love to give you a hint but I won’t.

Another Really Cool Thing Happened at Bill Hart’s 150th  Birthday Celebration

No, I didn’t get engaged or a big movie deal. My Western Heart joined The Friends of Hart Park, yeppers we are a proud, card carrying members of the Friends of Hart Park. So exciting for our new little company. If you would like to join The Friends of Hart Park click HERE. Well I hope you enjoyed your tour of the mansion and some highlights from Bill Hart’s birthday bash.  Leave a comment, let me know who is on your list. Until next time, happy trails


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  1. Hi! Enjoyed your post and photos! Thank you for your support of Friends of Hart Park, and for sharing your enthusiasm for our hero, Bill Hart, his home, and the event, including a fabulous performance by Cow Bop, we planned to celebrate this important birthday!

    • Lisa J. Hoover

      Thank you and welcome Bobbi Jean Bell to My Western Heart. What a magical evening with all those beautiful candles in Bill Hart’s fabulous home, showcasing all his wonderful art and personal belongings, a real treat for us! Cow Bop was amazing! We LOVED this cool country band and look forward to seeing them again soon! Come back again and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • Lori Kleban

        Your photos are beautiful. I especially love the shots of the staircase and living room. Thanks for this post and for all that you do to keep bygone eras alive. You are truly “a western heart”! Winnemucca

        • Lisa J. Hoover

          Thank you so much for your kind words, yes My Western Heart is about keeping by gone eras alive, especially western by gone eras. I am happy to do what ever small part I can to keep them alive. Until next time happy trails!

  2. Lori Kleban

    Your photos are beautiful. I especially love the shots of the staircase and living room. Thanks for this post and for all that you do to keep bygone eras alive. You are truly “a western heart”! Winnemucca

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